Rocks for Charity


June and her friend Margie sold rocks for charity the other day. A couple of people bought some! Turns out you can sell anything. Do you think anyone would be interested in buying a ginormous pile of laundry and perhaps a sink full of dirty dishes… for charity? I’m proud of June for her entrepreneurial creativity. She’s a good girl.


To the Top!


We climbed to the top of Mt. Erie with Jay’s parents yesterday; and by ‘climbed’ of course I mean drove. It was perfect for our little family, and a beautiful payoff.


June’s Elephant


June sketched this elephant out on the chalkboard. I love the swirly knees. She asked me to make it purple and pink just for fun. I showed her my post and said,”Look June, your picture is on the internet!” She said, “What does that mean?” I told her it means other people can see it, and her eyes got big, “You mean I’m gonna be famous?!” She’s pretty psyched.




When one of my kids tells me they were picked on by a mean kid at school, I remember this guy from middle school. Hopefully he grew into a very nice adult…