Ham and Bean Soup Recipe

Fall is my favorite season. I love the coziness, and the colors. It’s all wonderful to me. I like soup in the Fall too, so Amelia and I got fancy in the kitchen, and made some today:



Fish for Songs Singing Time Activity

If I know anything, it’s that kids loves to fish. These are great for music time, but can also be used at home.

Instructions: Cut out, laminate, and attach a paper clip to each fish. Tie a magnet on the end of a dowel and string. Write the song numbers for the day on the back of the fish with erasable markers and let the kids fish for songs! For more song options, print two sets.

Happy fishing!

fish 1 fish 2 (2) fish 3 fish 4


Sleep Talker

sleep talker jpg

I love many things about Jay. One of which is that he is a great conversationalist… even in his sleep. Here’s an example:

Sleeping Jay: My students are painting a map on the side of the house.

Me: Really? Why are they doing that?

Sleeping Jay (annoyed that I would have to ask): Cause that’s what I have ‘em doing! Sheesh!

Then he rolls over and goes back to dreaming about maps.

What’s not to love about that?



Treasure Maps


Brooke (4) and Amelia (2) are into treasure maps. They like to pretend they’re on a quest or mystery solving expedition. I’ve learned to abide by a few simple rules when making maps:

– They must have items the girls like on them.
– Said items should be connected by dotted lines.
– An X has to be involved.

That’s it. If you can do that, you’re an expert treasure map maker. Yesterday, as I made maps, Brooke put her finger on her chin and furrowed her brow as she examined the kitties and hearts, “Well, it looks like we have a mystery on our hands!”


Tale of a Desperate Mom

I like to think that I’m a perfect mom. My children are perfect; we are never at odds. My house is always full of a sweet, calm peace … and clean. Very, very clean. Unfortunately, that’s not true. I get really frustrated with my kids, and my house is never quite clean (trust me when I say, “Don’t open the closets”). I’m at my lowest form of mom when I’m trying to get my kids ready for school. I sound something like this:

“Dylan, time to get ready. Dylan. Dylan. Time to get your shoes and socks on. We’re leaving in five minutes. DYLAN! June? Are you ready to go? What? You still haven’t eaten breakfast?! We have to go! What am I doing with my liiiiiiife?!!”

Well, no longer folks (that’s not true; this is my destiny). But I’ve made some things that can help a lot.

Get Ready for School Charts and Chore Charts

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I laminated mine, put magnets on the back, and used a cookie sheet from the dollar store. I think the cookie sheets last longer without paint, but you might be more adept at crafting than I am, so you can do it however you think best. I decorated them with colored permanent markers. They are a lot of fun for the kids, and we have much better mornings.




Rocks for Charity


June and her friend Margie sold rocks for charity the other day. A couple of people bought some! Turns out you can sell anything. Do you think anyone would be interested in buying a ginormous pile of laundry and perhaps a sink full of dirty dishes… for charity? I’m proud of June for her entrepreneurial creativity. She’s a good girl.